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Mask Selection



If you need a good-fitting mask (one that won't leak), Ocean Master builds the best one: the Equalizer--which is also well known for being the only purge system mask with a great seal around your face. Since 1991, Ocean Master has manufactured masks for the scuba diving industry. Their masks fit most face shapes and sizes. A good-fitting mask depends on how well its silicone skirt seals on your face. Ocean Master's Equalizers offer a super soft, double edge high grade silicone skirt to enhance the seal. You may contact the manufacturer to find out which mask is best for you. Having exhibited their products at dive shows across America, they know what it takes to make a mask that fits. Most likely, an Equalizer will fit you.

Equalizers vary in shape, color and number of lenses: one, two, three or four. You may want a split lens style for optical lens use and low volume-ness. Or you may prefer the popular single lens (high-and-wide) Primero, which has accomodated many face shapes and sizes. Each model embodies world-recognized quality, a great fit and unique features such as a patented purge valve and a back adjustment buckle. This year Ocean Master debuts the Commando, the four window mask with unobstructed visibility. It incredibly allows a viewing angle of more than 180° via front-to-side lenses (the first in history)—and can be used by divers who need prescription lenses. The 2015 Commandos are the newest edition to Ocean Master's mask line-up, called Equalizers. Commandos are available in clear, yellow, black, crystal blue or lime.

The Primero (pronounced pree-mey-row) offers magnificent viewing via wider and taller front lens and a soft silicone mask skirt.

Each mask offers low-volume features: the space in the mask is minimal, the mask sits closer to your face, and water clearing is easier.

Purge masks generally allow divers to expel water from their mask by exhaling through a one-way valve. Ocean Master patented the world's first soft nose pocket purge system, making it easier for divers to clear their mask under water. With an Equalizer, the exposed nose pocket lets you equalize your ears during a dive. You do not have to clear your mask through traditional mask displacement techniques. We do however recommend that you know how to lift your mask while underwater for your safety and in order to get certified.

Ocean Master has also innovated the way divers adjust their masks. The Q-Strap is a one-step, mask-on adjustment buckle located on the back of your head for easy reach. With an Equalizer, you're assured that you're getting a reliable purge system, one that meets strict quality control standards and made of the highest quality parts. You'll notice metal parts are used for critical areas of the mask.

Two- and four-lens masks can be used for optical lenses. Ocean Master provides negative diopter vision correction for the Equalizer Z4. They also handle bifocals and nearsighted lens correction.

Mask frames differ in styles: classic, traditional or modern. Colors may vary.

Whichever mask you choose, you will be happier with an Equalizer.

Call (562)552-2739 to place an order.






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