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    2019 Superfin




Designed to spring you forward with the industry's latest fin technology, Ocean Master's new 2019 Superfins have efffortlessly propelled divers in rough, current-driven conditions. The Superfin's effective, kick-enhancing coils spring the blade to help you recover and gain a significant advantage.


Automatically, you go forward with the most ideal fin theory using springs.

Compared to non-springed fins, Superfins can help you reach up to double the speed--and with less effort (highly recommended for emergency rescue teams).

No more cramping. Better than split-fins, better than traditional paddle fins, better than any fin today, Superfins spring you forward. Fun, fun, fun.

Comfortable? Yes. Awesome? Absolutely.


"Fins are great. You can propel through water with little to no effort." "Easier on the top of my foot. No foot cramps." "Requires less effort for movement but still get good results." "Awesome fin. Very easy on the legs. Placed my order already." "By far the best fins I've tried. Felt light and effortless with great power." "Best fins I've ever used." "Very easy to use, exceptional fins. Made scuba more fun. Legs did not get tired." "Never moved so fast before! These fins allow you to move with ease through the water." "One hundred percent better than the split fin." "They're easy to kick. Two times if not four times as good. Supers have volume for paddling. Split fins lose volume and dumps water in between. Superfins will take over. It's a wonderful performance fin. They're durable. Not so light. Great in the water." These are true statements of Athens Scuba Park ( divers who have recently tested Ocean Master's Superfins.


We're announcing Ocean Master's newest invention. Recently patented Superfins plow you through the water with Angle-Cancelling Coils (ACC)--the most effective system for blade recovery. Every diver can use more thrust, especially in heavy currents.

Every year our customers ask us, "What's new?" Today you can have fins that propel you with Jet Propulsion Springs. Moreover, they're fun to kick.

Absolutely bursting with power (helping you to go almost 19% faster), these phenomenal fins incorporate metal coil springs which uniquely quickens the response of your downkick (also called the thrust-kick). Normally, as you downkick, your blade reaches a point where it begins to rebound (or recover). The ACCs spring back the blade, readying you for the next downkick. You'll effortlessly manage your upkicks. You'll, rather easily, gain momentum.

Unlike anything else you have ever felt, the Energizing Blades provide powerful propulsion by way of a brand new design which optimizes the angle of the blade throughout each kick. (You'll get the most out of every kick.) You won't have to develop a certain kind of kick in order to push yourself forward. Paddle lightly and you'll feel the rush. With springs in your fins, you will have more thrust, speed and comfort. Supers incorporate a full blade for maximum water-pushing ability--greater thrust. Built with just the right amount of spring tension, Ocean Master's Superfins enhance your every kick, saving you tons and tons of energy. Entertaining the law of physics to make you go faster, Superfins successfully deploys coil springs to help you get to where you want to be. Offering high torque and an elegant design, Superfins have already proven to be the industry's most upscale (scientifically-researched) fins. As for speed, Superfins perform 20% better than the industry's best fin. You'll find that the Superfins post-concept Angle-Cancelling Coils (ACC) propel you through water at record-breaking speed. Indeed coil springs respond faster than any other device such as elastic bands for retracting a fin blade. A coil spring's response time is immediate. Most fin designs strive to reduce the lag of a rebound. Superfins, through the ACCs, virtually eliminate any lag.

Without a doubt, your legs will drive the fin. A fin's lag however can impede the diver's performance, limiting his or her potential. Lag creates liabilities for the diver. Thrust is compromised. Cramps result. Therefore when you have a lower lag, you'll have less stress and greater efficiency. If you're confused, just apply common sense principles and let your heart show you clearly how Supers work to add thrust without compromising speed.

When you're in the water (fin-donned), you're likely to experience fatigue--even in a matter of minutes. For example, whenever the water moves around your fin, you will feel the resistance in your legs, even if you're not kicking in the water. The more resistance you feel, the more likely you'll be to experience fatigue. If a fin can reduce fatigue, you'll be a less-stressed diver, and better able to focus on your skills.

As a diver, you must dive with a pair of fins because you need the thrust for pushing water. The larger the surface of the blade, the better off you'll be. Supers provide an unsplit blade to help you achieve maximum thrust.

Compared to all other fins, Superfins require the least amount of effort from your legs, helping you to recover with every downkick. As you downkick with your upper leg muscles, the ACCs ready you for a unique, extra powerful spring-back upkick which turbo-charges you forward. Never mind that your upper back leg muscles have lesser strength. The springs compensate for the deficiency.

By utilizing metal coil springs, Superfins comply with agreed-upon principles of response. The ACCs prove to be the fastest, most efficient way to push water backwards, to relieve your leg stress while propelling you forward at unmatched speed. The Super's ACCs sit at the fin's optimal point to give you instant rebound and zero lag for maximum thrust. You'll feel less stressed--more energized.


Splitting a fin blade reduces the drag (resistance from the water flowing through). The propeller helps the water escape. As the water successfully comes in and out of the fin's split blades, you're moved forward as the design intends. With split fins, you can kick at a faster rate but you're not producing as much thrust as you would if you had a non-split blade. Superfins, on the other hand, move you forward with the advantage of a full blade, maintaining the thrust you need for towing. Thrust is a type of force (f=ma). Force produces acceleration. The more thrust you have, the more acceleration. The more thrust you have, the faster you go. The more force you have, the more thrust you have (because thrust is force). All other fins rob you of power. When you're power-robbed, you move forward slower. Leg cramps can also rob you of power. Your leg movement can be limited when you experience stress. You'll have smaller kicks. An optimum thrust angle allows you to have small or big kicks.


The blade angle will yield to an input force (usually your kick) to create an optimum thrust angle which results in greater output.

Fin manufacturers try, with absolutely no success, to achieve zero lag. They know that lag prevents high speed and causes cramps. Even fins with non-coil elastic bands cannor reach zero lag. Zero lag means that your blade recovers instantly. Coil springs very nearly reaches the zero lag needed to propel you forward. In fact, today coil springs have proven to be the only mechanism whereby a blade can recover regardless of the muscles on the diver's legs.

A high performing, self-reflexing blade will also reduce muscle cramps. The ACCs help the blade to revert to the downkick position. Coils, quickly and responsively, reposition the blade so that you're ready for the next downkick.

Split fin designs cannot offer the advantages of moving large amounts of water for towing purposes. Instead split fin designers use speed to compensate for the lack of thrust. In digitally-measured controlled underwater scientific fin comparison tests, however, the Superfins performed at least 16% better at speed, acceleration, and thrust. The control fin that was used the was industry's best, efficient industry leading split fin design as tested by U.S. laboratories. Supers provided more speed via a non-split blade. With less stress, you'll have more efficiency.

Revved-up and ready-to-go with extra-high, water-directing blade rails, rocket-propelling springs, and a Superfin-powerful scoop, the all-new Super has all you need to go with gusto. Just about the best fins on the market and just released, the 2015 Superfin outdoes split fins, pivoting blades and traditional paddle fins. Designed to fight currents, the Supers are recommended for use by navy divers and divers all around world.


The Superfin provides controlled blade movement. Split fins do not. Super provides the ideal utilization of fin theory. Split fins do not. Superfin provides a reassuring concept of speed. Split fins do not. Super provides thrust for towing strength. Split fins do not. Superfin is fun to kick. You'll be happier.

Indeed the Superfin does not have to sacrifice speed for thrust or vice versa. Other fins all make compromises.

Let your next dive be the best you've ever had.


Two performance tests reveal the Superfin's superiority over split fins. A newly-designed fin speed gauge measured the Supers' water-moving capability (soon to be released on ) with results showing that Superfins reached the maximum speed of 3.2 mph faster than the split fin reached its maximum speed of 2.8 mph. A pulling test, in which a diver kicked with the two types of fins, revealed that the Super produced 35-46% more thrust than a split fin. Again the Superfin reached its maximum thrust faster than the split fin achieved its maximum thrust. You'll go faster. Guaranteed. For best results, dive with a pair of Superfins.

The Superfin is the secret.


A highly efficient fin will do all the work for you, reducing stress on your legs. Superfin gives you power. You'll have more energy. Unlike all other fins, the Superfin operates on a conventional yet new concept: using springs to propel you through water. You'll find that the blade that propels you forward. You'll receive variable torque management--for free. You decide how fast you want to go. You manage your own speed. Wanna go faster? Superfins work with you to go as fast as you like. Your blade automatically recovers. Built-in springs help you through every kick. Ocean Master's 50-year manufacturing and design expertise delivers spectacular space-age technology. For truly out-of-this-world fun, get the Super. Go with speed.

Superfins include Black Belts, the recently patented, easily-mounting, pull-ring adjustable heel straps. Superfins are used for diving and snorkeling, in warm or cold water. Excellent for beginners, intermediate and advanced divers.

2019 Superfin

$499 per pair

Includes Black Belt Straps

To view underwater videos, click here: Fin Video

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