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    2018 Knight Pro Buoyancy Compensator

Back inflated, winged bouyancy compensators help you achieve optimum body positioning in the water because the air is placed behind you, rather than around your waist. A winged bouyancy compensator also keeps you more stable during your dive.

You won't feel the air squeeze you around your waist. All the air is in back of you.

Ocean Master's 2018 KNIGHT PRO offers many more features than a standard winged bouyancy compensator. Our customer service representatives will gladly help you order the correct size based on your body measurements. Order one today. Call (562)552-2739.


As you put on the new Knight Pro, you'll slip into vest heaven. You'll immediately notice the kind of fit you only feel in your favorite pair of jeans. The world's best-fitting, winged bouyancy compensator fits you like a glove.You'll be well-fitted while diving. Among the top five BCs in the world, the Pro incorporates tough, longlasting fabric (what you'll find on the highest quality luggage). This fabric (1680 denier ballistic nylon) is used generously throughout the BC to withstand over 500 dives and still look brand new.

Your Pro packs many extra features including a built-in emergency horn, a cushiony back support against the weight of a hard tank, dual bladders, and twin tank belts. Unique, industry-first features include a back support that is made of a soft, yet impenetrable, gel-like polymer that withstands impact against even sharp, pointy objects. Reinforced stitching, such as what you'll find on the world's most popular backpacks, prevents wear and tear.


Shoulder straps are also softly-padded, so that you won't feel the extra stress of the weight from your tank. The Pro's inner bladder reduces your maintenance costs because it can be replaced for a few dollars. The outer bladder's zipper is extra-strength.



The Pro's waistband, also called a cummerbund, attaches to the back support and shoulder straps, giving you unparalleled support during a dive. The advanced cummerbund design prevents the riding-up-and-down-your-chest effect. The waistband comfortably wraps around you.


Other features, such as metal D-rings, some of which are bent to allow one-handed accessory attachment, ensure reliability. Another metal feature is the dump valve for releasing air: it is steel-cabled. A pair of weight pouches is standard equipment and can be released in one step, with one hand. These recently-patented weight releases allow you to conveniently hand the weights over to someone on the boat immediately after a dive.


Each year we strive to improve every component of all of our products. What you'll find is phenonmenal quality, such as heavy duty grommets used to attach the BCs parts and superb craftsmanship. Each BC is uniquely modular, so many of its parts may be replaced. You won't have to buy another BC again!


The details are endless. The Pro follows Ocean Master's philosophy of keeping things simple, streamlined and clean--no excess bulk. Therefore you will find that the vest's lengths and widths offer minimalism without sacrificing strength. Reinforced stitching at critical stress points, use of quality nylon threading and a made-in-USA-quality-assurance guarantee are sure assurances of Ocean Master's commitment to quality and continuing re-inventing-ourselves-for-success attitude. With such excellent harnessing, the Pro gives even new divers the feeling of ease--especially on their first dives. Winged or back-inflated BCs, such as the Pro, put the air in back of you for better positioning. Yet the Pro also offers superior weight distribution to provide unparalleled body positioning during a dive.

If you're looking for the perfect bouyancy compensator, call (800)841-7007.

2018 Knight Pro Buoyancy Compensator

Small, Medium, Ladies Medium, Large, Ladies Large, XL

Price: $700


1680 DENIER BALLISTIC NYLON outer bladder with double ULY-coating

Patented Integrated Weight Releases (Up to 10 lbs each)

Replaceable inner bladder

Steel D-rings

Two tank straps

Anti-slip neoprene on the shoulders and back areas

Extendable cummerbund

Extra-contouring lower back padding

Three-point stabilizing harness system

Glove-like fit vest design

Padded shoulders

Under and above-water emergency horn

Two removeable weight pouches (holds up to 5 lbs each)

One roll-up accessory pocket




See contact.


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