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Q: Where are your knives made?

A: We are the original manufacturer of Ocean Master Custom Formulated Beta Titanium knives. No other websites sell the knives. Each knife is custom made in the U.S. and shipped directly to you. Call (800)841-7007 to order. Ask about our military and law enforcement discounts.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: All product returns require a 15% fee plus shipping charges.

Q: What parts on the Dry Snorkel do you sell?

A: You may purchase the following parts: snorkel keeper, bottom collar, top collar, moupiece, purge valve, mouthpiece housing. Please let us know if your snorkel is a flex (with a corrugated silicone tube) or non-flex.

Q: Can your Black Belt Straps fit on any other manufacturer's fins?

A:Yes, the straps fit most fins.

Q: What's a snorkel keeper? May I order one?

A: A snorkel keeper clamps onto the snorkel and keeps your mask strap attached to the tube. Normally the snorkel keeper does not need to be disconnected (pulled off the snorkel). You must insert your mask strap into the snorkel keeper before using your snorkel. You may order replacement snorkel keepers for all tubular snorkels. Proflo snorkels are not tubular. All Ocean Master Dry Snorkels are tubular. Reattach the new keeper to the tube by spreading open as far as possible until the keeper clamps onto the tube.

Q: How do I clean my mask's purge system?

A: Do not disassemble the purge assembly (the plastic housing on the bottom of the nose pocket). You may purchase a new purge valve (the flimsy flapper--either round or triangular) or purge cover. We do not sell the purge assembly. If you need to replace the silicone skirt, you may order purged or non-purged skirts for Z2s, Z4s and Provisions in clear or black. See info.

Q: I think my mask leaks, how can I know for sure?

A: First you will need to create a low pressure situation in your mask by pressing mask against your face. Once the mask stays on your face, and you are not inhaling, the air within the mask is equalized (lower than the outside air pressure). You will know that your mask leaks if one or both of the following happens:

1. Mask drops away from your face because the air pressure (within the mask) increases by the incoming air through an air gap;

2. You hear a slight sound of air entering the mask.

Q: Why does my mask leak?

A: The plastic parts (frame) may be deteriorating or you may need a new purge valve.

Q: What is a purge valve?

A: It is a soft silicone round or triangular one-way valve that sits on the bottom of the snorkel or mask. Often it is called a flapper and can be removed (by pulling). Mask purge valves may be round or triangular, depending on the year of purchase. Replace valve if you experience leaks. Purge valves may be purchased by emailing your request to info@oceanmaster.com. Include your name, address, contact phone number, and date of purchase.

Q: What is a purge cover?

A: A purge cover protects the purge valve on your mask. Simply slide off the purge cover, to expose the purge valve. If you lose your purge cover, you may order a replacement cover..


Q: There is a hole in the nose pocket where my purge was located. Can I order the parts and replace the assembly?

A: Yes, a new purge assembly can now be assembled on to your mask for $20. If you would rather have a new mask, you may order a replacement mask.Do not send your mask to us.

Q: Can I order knife parts from you?

A: Yes, most parts can be ordered..

Q: Can I order BC parts from you?

A: Yes.

Q: I purchased my mask and do not see it on your website. How do I find out what mask model I own?

A: Parts for older model masks may or may not be available. If you need a replacement purge valve or cover, you do not need to know the model. You do however need to know the model if you need to replace side buckles, lens retaining rings, silicone skirts or lenses.

Q: Do you replace silicone skirts?

A: Depending on the model, silicone skirts (with or without the purge) may be purchased and self-installed. Instructions will be provided with your purchase. Silicone skirts are not replaceable on the View 3 or single lens masks such as the One or Primero.

Q: I recently changed my prescription, do you sell lenses?

A: You may order prescription lenses (negative diopters only) for mask models with split lenses (not single lenses)..

Q: How can I order parts?

A: Email us at info@oceanmaster.com. Send a photo of your product for faster service. For a listing of some of our parts availability please click on the following link: Parts.

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