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   Ocean Master Custom-Formulated Beta Titanium


5" Dive Knife


Folding Knife


SINCE 1998

Unlike most manufacturers, Ocean Master builds their knives to exacting quality standards and therefore keeps their manufacturing facilites in the United States.

Here you will get a unique, high quality custom knife--meaning that each blade has a hand-sharpened edge. You won't find this quality from knives made in China. Their knives are often found among these individuals:

1.Scuba divers,

2. Firefighters,

2. Policemen,

3. Army personnel,

4, Navy personnel,

5. Immigration and Customs Enforcement employees,

6. Federal land management employees.

Recognized as the most superior knife in the world, these American-made, super-sharp blades have attained the highest Rockwell Scale hardness of any titanium knife so that the blades retain their razor sharp edge, which is acheived when knives are custom ground. (High quality knives often found at cutlery stores also have custom ground edges.) Each blade gets hand-sharpened before being shipped to you. It's an extra step they take to enable you to cut easliy through sand-encrusted rope, tangling kelp and fishing line.

Exceeding even professional knife standards, Ocean Master makes their knives with a specially-formulated titanium that you won't find anywhere else. Titanium won't rust but an Ocean Master will hold its edge longer than any other titanium knife.

You'll own a knife from a U.S. knife maker, not an importer, or a factory in China. Their know-how has been kept secret to this day.

You'll have a knife that exceeds high expectations. Whether you're a Navy Seal, combat officer or a diver, this knife can handle all of your cutting needs. You'll have sharpness, hardness, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and rustproof qualities--all in one knife.

The high quality sheath incorporates high grade stainless steel screws that are used for marine purposes, and will not rust. Its quiet, Stealth Draw Latch makes no sound when drawing out the blade.

Buyer beware: The Custom-Formulated Beta Titanium trademark was first used by Ocean Master in 2001. There have been many attempts to knock-off, duplicate, copy, reverse engineer, steal, gray-market, copyright infringe, patent infringe and so forth. Therefore, since 2008, all Ocean Master knives are retailed directly through Ocean Master and are not offered through scuba diving equipment retail channels or other websites.


In 1998, Ocean Master embarked on a mission to build the finest titanium knives in the world. Since then they've offered the rarest combination of high RC hardness (as of this writing 60), high abrasion resistance and a high strength-to-weight ratio. Undeniably, these three qualities cannot be found on even the very best stainless steel knife.

Titanium knives, in general, do not rust. Most titanium knives however unfortunately do not have the hardness nor the abrasion resistance required for maintaining a sharp knife edge. Ocean Master builds a superior knife: the titanium is custom-formulated, meaning that the titanium was specifically developed to build knives. You're not getting the softer titanium that is ordinarily found on less expensive models. Instead, your Custom-Formulated Beta Titanium knife offers strength, abrasion resistance, hardness and a razor-sharp edge. That means you'll have a knife that maintains its sharpness dive after dive. For diving, the Custom-Formulated Beta Titanium knife will exceed your cutting requirements.

As the name states, Custom-Formulated Beta Titanium knives are made with a special formula--not built with the less expensive, off-the shelf, softer 6Al4V titanium. The Ocean Master material produces a non-brittle, highly abrasion resistant, and high Rockwell hardness titanium knife. These combined qualities have never been achieved in any other titanium knife. The Custom-Formulated Beta Titanium is indeed the knife for you.

Have the best.

Be one of the few to own one of these knives. If you want a knife that is currently being used by the U.S. Army, you've come to the right place. Some owners go so far as to having their name placed on the knife through the Ocean Master Engraving Department.

You won't just be owing a knife, you'll have a treasure trove of secrets. The formula has never been patented.

Almost magically, you'll cut through thick rope. When you're in the water, you'll be able to cut through fishing line.

When you need sharpening, and you may never, they'll be glad to provide the service or personally let you know which sharpener to use.

2018 5" Ocean Master Custom-Formulated Beta Titanium

Model:  Double Edge Point, Double Edge Blunt, or Tactical Tanto

Color: Black, Lime, Yellow, Teal

Price: $250.00 each

Standard Features: Custom Ground Edge, Hammer End, Two Rubber Leg Straps, Stealth-Draw Double Locking Sheath

Options: Titanium Hammer End, Neoprene Leg Wrap


2018 Server $80

Standard Features: Custom Ground Edge, Clip-On Pouch

Military Discount (30%)

ORDER HERE or call (562)552-2739


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