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    Ocean Master Custom-Formulated Beta Titanium


 420 Stainless Steel

 Alpha - Beta
Titanium (6AL4V)

Conventional Beta

Ocean Master
Custom-Formulated Beta Titanium

Strength (lbs/in ²)





Abrasion Resistance


3 to 4 times better  

5 to 6 times better 

5 to 6 times better 

Hardness (RC Scale)

50 - 53  

32 - 42  

38 - 47  

 60 - 65

Corrosion Resistance

Relatively Poor  




Ocean Master Custom-Formulated Beta Titanium knives exhibit high strength, high abrasion resistance and high Rockwell Scale hardness. Each knife has a custom ground edge. You'll have a sharper knife (razor-sharp) and one that will stay sharp longer.

    2017 Tactical Tanto

The Tactical Tanto has a beefy blade-- perfect for prying and heavy-duty cutting. Each knife is custom flat ground with advanced serration. Blade extends into the SURE-GRIP handle.

Exclusive double-locking system prevents knife loss
Durable rugged sheath with drain holes

~Aggressive Edge Angles
~Partial 2-1-2 Serration


Feature Upgrade: Neoprene Leg Wrap

Convenient, Integrated Leg Wrap
Extra Thick 5mm Neoprene
Secure Grip Backing
Broad Soft Coverage
Slip-Proof Double Velcro Straps
Durable and Easy Care


This convenient knife holder wraps around your leg and replaces rubber belts. It holds your plastic knife sheath, providing extra utility and comfort. Mounting is faster and secure with double velcro. The neoprene has a slip-resistant backing.

5" Beta Titanium Dive Knife

Double-Sided Point
Double-Sided Blunt
Single-Edge Tactical

The 5-inch Beta Titanium is shown with a stainless steel hammer end. Titanium ends are sold separately. The above knife models have an exposed blade length that is five inches. The knife tang is titanium, extending into the handle. Titanium knives do not need to be disassembled for maintenance (stainless steel knives on the other hand require periodic disassembly). Most knife parts are available and may be purchased online. Go to Parts.

2017 Server

Saltwater Folder

~Excellent for use in salt water

~Made of Ocean Master's Custom-Formulated Beta Titanium

~Highly abrasion resistant (means less sharpening)

~Full-length-sized when opened (over 8 inches long!)

~Will not rust or corrode

~Special titanium-like coated pocket clip, rustproof screws

~Custom flat ground edge (as sharp as those found on knives at a custom knife store)

~Left- or right-handed thumb notch for ease of use even with thick gloves

~Lock back design

~ Fiber-Imbedded nylon handle

~Includes a plastic clip-on nylon pouch


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