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2018    DeepLimit

Features and Specifications





Brought to you by the joint venture between Ocean Master and the world's leading tire manufacturer Bridgestone, the DeepLimit promises technological superiority with every breath you take. Underwater, you'll breathe easier. The new Twin Piston System (TPS) provides the very closest range of intermediate air pressure. Throughout your dive, you'll experience smooth breathing and the calm, cool settled-ness that is necessary to keeping your dive on-track.

There's never been a more easier-to-maintain regulator. Its design philosophy of "keeping it simple" gives you the comfort and confidence that you bought the right regulator--the one that diver's recommend.

During the research and development process, Ocean Master engineeers aimed to solve the service headaches for consumers and dealers. They focused on designing easy-to-maintain regulators. Doing so required that fewer moving parts be used. (Piston regulator designs had always required more parts.) Fewer moving parts in the first stage also produced an obvious advantage: the regulator could be more compact and more transportable. Also, regulating air via a piston seemed to be a more direct approach (and therefore more efficient).  

The overall design philosophy: Make it simpler. Make it easier to maintain. Make it better.

You'll agree that as soon as you hold an Ocean Master DeepLimit, its fine craftsmanship reveals a company that is dedicated to quality. The Ocean Master engineering team offers you the most advanced piston regulator that is easy and effortless to maintain. Craftsmanship in a regulator today is usually rare. But you'll have it here. As for smoothness (and we must further expound), the DeepLimit resembles the lushness of breathing fresh forest air. Tests reveal that the DeepLimit provides excellent breathing inhalation and exhalation rates. For comfort, a unique swivel joint at the bottom of the second stage allows increased head-turning movement and undeniable jaw-fatigue reduction. No matter which way your head turns, the regulator moves with you. Why be limited?

Changes in tank pressure do not effect your breathing. The DeepLimit's innovative Twin Piston system effectively balances and regulates the incoming air flow of your tank. Compared to any other piston first stage system, the DeepLimit can give you the closest range of intermediate air pressure, for enhanced breathing.

Where there are fewer parts, there is less worry.

For 2018, let the Ocean Master DeepLimit be your choice. Call (562)552-2739.


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