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Ocean Master Advanced Dry Snorkel Non-Flex with Dual Ball Joint Mouthpiece (Blue, Black, Clear, Lime, Pink, Purple) $50

Ocean Master Advanced Dry Snorkel Flex with Dual Ball Joint Mouthpiece (Blue, Black) $50

Equalizer Primero with Q-Strap $100

Equalizer Profile with Q-Strap $100

Equalizer Z4 with Q-Strap $120--Sold out

Custom Formulated Beta Titanium 5" Dive Knife $250 (Made in USA)

Server Beta Titanium Folding Knife $80 Made in USA

DeepLimit Titanium Regulator $800

Knight Pro Bouyancy Compensator $700 Made in USA

Superfin with Black Belt Straps (Medium, Large) $250

Black Belt Fin Straps (Fits all fins) $50 pair



Heavy Duty Snorkel Keeper (Clamps on tube) P210000101 $15


Snorkel Purge Valve Small (3/4" diameter) P2100000123 $8

Snorkel Purge Valve Large P2100000124  $8

Snorkel Collar Top P2100000121  $8 Not available

Heavy Duty Snorkel Collar (Bottom of Non flex models) P2100000122  $8 Sold out


Snorkel Collar Bottom (Flex) P2100000123  $15

Snorkel Mouthpiece Holder with Single Ball Joint P200000126 $20


High Grade Silicone Mouthpiece P200000121 $15


Mask Purge Valve (Circular)-- Pre-2004 P400151000  $15

Mask Purge Valve (Triangular)--After 2004 P400151001  $15

Mask Purge Cover (For Circular Valves) P400150000 $10

Mask Purge Cover (For Triangular Valves) P400150002 $10

Extra Thick Silicone Mask Straps (pair) PK44000000   $20

Mask Pin P400140000 $8 each

Mask Side Clip P400140001 $12 each depending on model

Mask Frame Mid Section $15 each depending on model

Q-Strap P400101025 includes Silicone Straps, Neoprene Wrap, Buckle, Mask Pins, Stoppers $45

Buckle $35

Strap Stopper P400212000 $7

Z2 Silicone Skirt $30


Neoprene Leg Wrap P53001111 $20

Double Locking Knife Sheath (Yellow-, Teal-, or Black-Tabbed) P53001110 $35

Knife Handle Pins Set (Yellow, Teal, or Black) $30

Knife Finger Lever (Yellow, Teal, or Black) $20

Knife Hammer End (Stainless Steel) $40

Knife Hammer End (Titanium) $80


Over-Shoulder Knife Bag (Ocean Master logo-ed nylon case holds one 5" Beta Titanium Knife and one Server with additional inside zippered pouch) $49



You may purchase the following replacement parts for all model years of the KNIGHT PRO due to heavy-use, lost parts, or normal wear and tear:

Improved Gel Back Pad Replacement (Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large) $125

10 lb Weight Distribution and Release $30

5 lb Non-Ditchable Weight Pouch $25

Inner Bladder Replacement (Small, Medium or Large) $50

1680 Ballistic Nylon Outer Bladder (Small, Medium or Large) $75

Cummerbund (Smaill, Medium, Large, Extra Large) $20 per side

Roll Up Pocket (Regular or Long) $10

Knight Pro Vest (Small, Medium or Large) $399

Heavy Duty Vest Screws $10

Tank Strap $25 each

Catalog $10 (previous years may be available)

U.S. Express Service: $44 within the U.S. (up to 4 pounds)


Ocean Master began in Southern California. An instant hit, the Dry Snorkel captivated the world with its amazing function that kept one totally dry. Now offering purge masks, titanium knives, bouyancy compensators and regulators, Ocean Master completes the line of high quality scuba diving equipment thereby outfitting only the savviest of divers. The company's philosophy of providing the highest level of customer satisfaction continues since the very first day. Until 2007, their products could be found in over 800 retailers. Today, Ocean Master products are sold directly through this website, by calling (800)841-7007, or by emailing info@ocean master.com. To protect the integrity of their products and to provide you the best level of service, no other retailer (internet or store) is allowed to retail their products.

International U.S. First Class up to 5 weeks; $10 (up to 9 ounces)

Outside the U.S., call (562)552-2739.



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