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Full blade advantage and Angle-Cancelling Springs give you double power.


Get two straps in one. For the first time, you can easily remove the stretchable strap on and off your foot with a convenient pull ring and be able to make straps adjustments prior to a dive. The strap adjusts and is pullable! Buy one strap regardless of whether you wear boots or go barefooted.

Straps fit all fin types and may be purchased separately.




You'll absolutely flip. Superfins will help you go faster because you'll have less lag. You don't want a fin that causes lag. When you experience lag, you will go slower. You may even experience muscle cramps.

Lag is created when the blade reaches less than full recovery after a downkick. You want, then, a fin that'll instantly rebound, fully and completely. Using the least amount of effort on your part will reduce stress. You want a blade that will fully recover. You want to be at the start of your downkick--the faster the better. Any less than full recovery and your fin will lag, causing you to have to exert more energy (force) to reach your starting point. In green verbology, the Superfin saves you energy via Angle Cancelling Coils (ACCs). When you downkick, you're using your quadriceps (muscles on the upper front of your thigh). Unfortunately your back leg muscle strength pales in comparison to your front leg muscle. Almost inherently then your upkick will not ever allow the blade to reach its starting position--unless you're built with the thighs of a body builder or unless you have an angle-canceller. To help you achieve full blade recovery, the Superfin's ACCs give you the blade recovery that only superman back leg muscles can achieve. If you do not achieve full recovery, you'll face an exhausting, handicapping lag. When the angle is cancelled (meaning that you have achieved 100% recovery), your blade will have reached its starting downkick position. There is no lag. You start your next downkick knowing that you'll propel forward regardless of the strength of your back leg muscles. The Superfin's ACCs relieve you of the additional stress required to push you forward when your fins do not fully recover. This immediate help is what speeds you through even the toughest currents. When your back leg muscles are helped, you are less likely to cramp. With the help of ACCs, you'll reach your downkick's starting position much faster. You'll go faster and avoid cramps.

According to Wikipedia, "Power is the force (F) it takes to move something over some distance (d) divided by the time (t) it takes to move that distance."

P=F d/t

ACCs bring the blade back to its downkick position, saving you time and strength. You wind up traveling farther--faster. You have more power, more thrust.

The Superfin's blades incorporate optimal flexibility with forward-propelling springs. Go speed-boat fast. Feel energized.


Delivering more power than all other fins (as underwater, soon-to-be-released videos will reveal), the new Superfin guarantees faster speed with less effort. You'll speed through the water as the Superfin's blade rebounds and recovers with spring-loaded ease. Never before has so much torque been offered in one fin. During your downkicks and upkicks, the srategically-placed springs maintain the same optimum angle for the much-needed propulsion. Consequently, you'll never feel foot fatigue. As the perfect recreational diver's fin, Superfin will give you everything: efficiency, performance, thrust, torque, power, elegance, propulsion, comfort, speed, and, what is most important, fun. Superfin is currently used by search and rescue teams.


Very mechanically simple in concept yet highly advanced in design, the Superfin incorporates Angle-Cancelling Springs to propel you through water. Every blade naturally partially recovers. How fast and how completely you're back to the original downkick position is the key to a high performance fin. Superfin's blade material incorporates the ideal flex. The Superfin's ACSs enhance the blade's recovery. You get an extra push. The blade automatically springs back faster into the position for your next downkick, eliminating kicking exertion during your dive.

From the moment you put on a pair of the Superfin, you'll notice the acceleration that you have never before experienced in the water. Superfin also provides a powerful thrust. Feel the momentum.


Blade-Enhancing Springs


Optimum blade stiffness


Longlasting construction


Adjustable, quick release fin straps




Recreational diving

Lake-, ocean-, beach-, and boat-diving

Emergency search and rescue



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