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Temporarily Sold Out


Popular Split Lens Design with Side Windows


Not available


A low-volume split-lens mask

New! Primero

Wide Angle Single Lens for Horizontal Viewing, Highest Vertical Lens for Upwards Viewing Capability

Profiles are available in lime, pink, clear, purple, crystal pink, and crystal purple; Primeros are available in lime, pink, clear, and crystal yellow.

Clear-frame Profile models can be ordered with colored mask rings with the same color selection as the solid and crystal frame Profile models.

Please call for color availability (562)552-2739. This list is not updated daily and items may be sold out.
Mask models do not necessarily have markings to indicate the type or model. If your mask does not look exactly like one of the masks pictured above, then you may have a discontinued model. You may order a catalog for the year of your purchase. Please email us at if you have any questions, attaching any pictures of your mask for prompt service.
2014 Commandos, pictured on the Home page, are available in clear and crystal blue.

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