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    Advanced Dry Snorkel

Lightweight yet strong top.
Keeps you totally dry.

Ocean Master Original Dry System: As you submerge in water, the snorkel closes to keep out the water. Moving valves (blue and red) slide up and and down with water contact. The Anti-Lock Valve System, preventing the snorkel from a vacuum efftect, allows the airway to automatically reopen as you surface for air. Exhale through the snorkel, and the One-Way Valve lets out air without letting in water. Snorkel may be submerged in any position, even upside down.

      Located at the bottom of the snorkel, a ball joint allows the snorkel to rotate three-dimensionally. Result: reduced jaw fatigue.


The world's first and longest-selling 100% dry snorkel, the Ocean Master Advanced Dry Snorkel will give you all the confidence you need for the water. You'll experience the one-of-a-kind Pressure Release Valve Technology which opens the airway as you surface the water. The airway closes and opens with water contact--automatically. Don't be fooled by other manufacturers claiming theirs can do the same. Ask how theirs works. Almost automatically, the Ocean Master Advanced Dry Snorkel opens the ariway as you come up for air. You won't have to clear a barrel full of water.

Many extra features were added to this snorkel so that you have maximum enjoyment on your next trip to the sea. If you're a diver or plan to become one soon, a one-way purge valve on the bottom of the snorkel conveniently helps you clear out any water that enters when you remove your scuba regulator from your mouth and enable your snorkel after a dive. The new easy-to-use snorkel keeper is the handy way to secure the snorkel to your mask. The mouthpiece is made of super-soft high grade silicone that is conveniently replaceable.

Available online. Go to Contact.

For questions or to place an order, call (562)552-2739.

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